m-i-s-s you much

today at work i was tooling around some old folders on my computer and i ran into some supery dupery old e-mails from like two years ago.

i was reading through one of them and i suddenly ached inside.

the e-mail was about nothing at all from a now distant friend. i suddenly missed my friend so passionately, i lost my breath.

it was a physical ache and i just wanted to cry. it saddens me that we’ve grown apart. someone who once seemed so vital, such a part of my everyday life is now nothing but a fading memory.

sad thing is, you can’t just pick up where you left off. you can’t just pick up that old caring and camaraderie. it’s all forced now. and he doesn’t even pretend to care. i tried, really i did. it sucks too, because he was pretty damn cool.

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