airplane-safe technology

over lunch i bought some new pens. because i am a new pen buying junkie. i love getting new pens.

i got the uni-ball vision ELITE, because uni-ball makes a mighty fine pen and because i was having a mighty hard time finding blue pens [what is it with pen manufacturers? don’t they see that the public demands blue ink?].

anyway, short story long– the packaging on the vision ELITE says “NEW airplane-safe technology.”

“hey sonja,” i said, “what’s airplane-safe technology?”
“i dunno,” she said. “maybe it means you can’t shove the pen through someone’s throat.”
“c’mere. let’s see.”

eventually, i read more of the packaging and i learned, “the innovative design of the vision elite prevents ink from leaking during the rapid air pressure changes that occur on airline flights.”

not as fun as my theory.

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  1. Jeff 18.Dec.02 at 6:53 am

    I hate to break this to you, but blue ink is considered a non-conformist or anarchistic ink. See, way back in the day of paper ledgers and whatnot there were two colors, red and black. Blue came along much like the “lambada” or “forbidden dance” of the pen and ink world.
    Read your IRS Income Tax Return instructions. It says to use only red or black ink. I’m sure they accept blue ink. They’ll take anything, the greedy bastards, but that’s what the instructions say.

    As far as pens go, I have to agree with you on the Uni-Ball. They keep a stock of the Gel Grip pens here at work. One of few well thought out decisions…

  2. ozbob 26.Mar.04 at 10:46 am

    we here in the commercial nuclear power industry were totally mystified by “airplane safe technology” for an ink pen! when will the nuclear safe technology pen be issued? PS. WE never saw anything on the box about cabin pressures so, judging by all the rounded edges (with the exeption of the point-y writing part), we will petition the U.N. to pass a resolution demanding that all known & shadow terrorist organizations issue these to their field operatives.