people they don’t understand

well, with the succulent suzy’s wise advice, i did not throw myself off a bridge tonight. in fact, when cute new r&d guy walked in with a chickie i was most composed.

that composure came from the fact that i had to sit with my back to the door and couldn’t actually witness the grand entrance with my own two eyes, thankfully ella warned me well in advance of my eyes actually spying his date-type-girl thing.

first let me say that i was damn cute tonight. sister #4 even said so and deb, our volume licensing rep said i was looking ultra-hip. so there, it’s not just my gianormous ego. i was looking pretty swank with my hipster geekgrrl glasses and in a grey mock turtleneck sweater dealie.

so yeah he came with a chickie and let me tell you, i am as cute if not cuter than she is. and that’s just not me being the bitter single woman, that’s an honest judgement call. i am as cute as that girl. which really doesn’t mean jack, but it somehow made me feel better. you know? it’s like i still might have a chance or something. if he’d have walked in with someone from the swedish bikini team, i’d have known that there was no chance in hell i might even catch his eye.

so yeah, there was that.

promojoe marched rightup to cute r&d guy and talked to him, of course pumping promojoe was pointless because he got no information other than the chickie’s name was janice. promojoe actually made the night bearable.

promojoe is just about the funniest guy in the entire state of minnesota. i’d like to think that promojoe could even give mecawilson a run for his money. at one point in the night promojoe turned to me and said, “so is anyone else gonna help us represent the single contingent tonight?” allison was supposed to, but she never showed. ratfink.

so instead of smiling and saying hi to cute r&d guy, i just had to stare at him aimlessly and try to read his body language. at one point he caught my gazing lustfully at him, i just smiled. i’d have said hi, but he was across the damn room.

argh! now i’m gonna have to make my move at work and that’s just so lame, you know?

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