Billy Bragg & Wilco

todd, the webmaster at work, is a music junkie. he plays in a little local band called bone daddy. when he was younger he was in a band that went on tour opening up for new kids on the block. todd is also fascinated by my little new year’s resolution thing going on here.

when i had the billy bragg and wilco mermaid avenues sitting on my desk this week, he picked one up and said, “you really, really love this cd don’t you?”

“yes, i do, how do you know?”

“look at it,” he said, “it looks like you’ve dragged it around everywhere. it’s all beat to hell.”

very perceptive. score one for the webmaster. i do love these cds. i’ve had wilco fetish since i first heard “box full of letters.” and when this mermaid avenue thing came up i was quite intrigued. everyone’s heard of woody guthrie, hell i’d even seen arlo in concert, but i didn’t know much about him. through the bragg/wilco venture i fell in love with guthrie’s music.

that first mermaid avenue cd opened up so many doors for me. i can’t cherish it enough.

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