shake, shake, shake senora

nothing can wear you out like spending a saturday night with a 3 and 4 year old. well, it doesn’t help that they were completely wired. after they finished dinner jaycie and max busted out these lollypop/pixie stick things.

it’s this odd form of kiddie heroin, i swear. it’s an itty-bitty baby bottle candy thing. the nipple is a sucker and inside the bottle is pixie-stick sugar. wow. of course i had to teach them how when you’re done and you can’t lick the sides of the bottle to get that last little fix, you pour water into it and make kool-aid. sister #2 was not impressed with my little life lesson.

i know some people poo-poo the idea of letting the tv babysit kids, but i don’t see how this is possible. watching videos with these two is like playing 394,105 questions.

“Why are they laughing at dumbo?”
“because his ears are funny.”
“that’s not very nice is it?”
“not at all, you shouldn’t laugh at people who are different.”
“she’s mean, isn’t she?”
“she’s rotten.”
“why is the mouse green?”
“beacuse he’s drunk.”
“how did he get drunk?”
“he drank too much beer.”
“can mouses drink beer?”
“that one can.”
“how come dumbo never talks?”
“because elephants can’t talk.”
“but those mean lady elephants are talking.”
“only mean elephants can talk.”

during intermission, while dumbo rewound, we accidentally caught a few minutes of dateline. explaining the events of September 11th to jaycie was not fun.

“what’s tower 1?”
“it was one of the tower’s of the world trade center.”
“they fell down, didn’t they?”
“yes they did.”
“because bad people crashed planes into them.”
“i don’t know why bad people do things like that jaycie.”
“did people get hurt?”
“Yes, a lot of people got hurt and died.”
“oh no!”
“yes, it was a terrible, terrible tragedy.”
“what’s a tragedy?”
“when something bad happens and it shouldn’t have.”
“i don’t like tragedies.”
“me neither.”
“my dad flies but his planes don’t go into buildings.”
“i know, we are very lucky.”
“i don’t like when the fires made the towers fall down.”
“me neither.”

then max decided he needed me to give him his birthday presents.

“jodi, i want my presents now.”
“booba, you have to wait until your birthday party.”
“jodi, i don’t want to wait.”
“i know, it stinks.”
“i want my presents now!”
“they aren’t here yet.”
“where are they?”
“the north pole.”

of course he told sister #2 that he’s getting a penguin. now i must get my ass out and find one stuffed penguin or i am going to have one very unhappy little boy on my hands. if that doesn’t work, i’ve got a backup plan involving one north pole penguin who did not want to leave his mommy and daddy. i am hoping it will work.

also, sister #4 has a boyfriend. sister #2 said, jose is cute as a button. just plain adorable. mark my words, if sister #4 gets married before i do– i am packing it in and heading to the nunnery. maybe while i am shopping for a penguin, i’ll pick me up a nice nun’s habit.

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