the mean aunt

tonight sister #2 and the stink are at the guthrie, leaving me to wrangle the children. it’s not been a good night. princess jaycie had a double helping of grumpy. she walked in crying and hasn’t seemed to stop. she just had a meltdown because max wanted to watch unwrapped on the food network and she wanted to watch another episode of the simpsons.

i told them that it looked like we had a problem and would have to come to a compromise.

“i know,” jaycie said. “we can do rock paper scissors.”
“okay,” i said.

we did it and i came up paper. she came up rock.

then the fireworks started.

“THAT’S NOT FAIR,” she screamed, and the tears started.
“i’m sorry Jaycie, but you chose.”
“i know, let’s flip a coin,” she said. “that’s more fair.”
“no, you said rock paper scissors, now max gets to watch unwrapped.”

then she flopped to ground sobbing.

“what’s the matter?”
“max, don’t tease your sister,” i said.
“and three days ago he pushed me off the table and my leg still hurts,” she said, still crying.
“okay,” i said. “you need to calm down.”
“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,” she shouted and started to stomp up the stairs.
“jaycie. stop right there.” i said in my stern grownup voice.
“turn around and sit down, right there. you’re on a time out.”

god, i hate doing that. but now she’s off the time out and seems to have returned to normal.

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  1. kelly 27.Jan.06 at 10:52 am

    You’re an awesome aunt. Time outs now mean out of jail later.

    When’s the reading plan for 2006 going to be unveiled? It’s almost FEBRUARY.

  2. notquiteyet 27.Jan.06 at 8:20 pm

    i was a reader of your site from way back in the day (late 2000 or so) and notquiteyet isn’t my name (too embarrassed to admit the real one right now) but I recently rediscovered your site and I have to tell you, once I started reading your site I really MISSED your writing. I’ve surfed a lot of sites over the years, but when I came back here the writing was so interesting – very excellent stuff.


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