it would be really cool if you could just cut me

last night i was plagued by the weirdest of sex dreams. i dreamt i was in love with this hot, sexxy thang. but all was not happy in jodiland. it seems hot, sexxy thang was not only otherwise occupied, he had a weird kink i just couldn’t bend to.

he wanted me to cut him, to make him bleed, before and during sex. while i am an open-minded individual, i just couldn’t bend to this one.

in the dream we had many a passionate conversation with him saying it really gets him off and me saying that i could not make someone i love bleed. he told me how his girlfriend did it and i said i didn’t care.

eventually he wrote a letter to break up with the gf and i spent a lot of time in the dream kissing his hips, shoulders and lower back.

also, as we were venturing out to give the gf the letter to make her an ex-gf, i nearly crashed the aqua-colored escort i was driving. i am sure that’s symbolic of any relationship i would have with someone who wants me to cut them up and make them bleed.

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