hot like wasabi when i’m next to your body


so i got my techdoof fix today. i haven’t gotten it in awhile. works been this crazy hurricane of insanity, so it’s hard to sneak off and pick on them. it seems they appreciate me much more when i don’t bug them constantly. or their appreciation might have stemmed from the 8 slices of pizza i was offering to them.

it’s odd that whenever i stand over there to bug them, the conversation always turns to height.

dreamy techdoof gage puts his arm around me and says, “i love jodi because she’s so tall.”


sometimes we all need to have our ego stroked, don’t we? of course the evil munchkin cut me right down to size though.

“when you are standing next to me, don’t stand up so straight.”
“well, because then whenever i look at you i end up staring at this wall or shelf of breasts.”
“gee, thanks. i love having my breasts compared to a shelf.”
“well, it’s true,” he says we agreement from the rest of the doofs.
“you all stink.”
“you love us!”

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  1. andrea 27.Sep.01 at 1:45 pm

    and to think i actually dated him.

  2. Manz 27.Sep.01 at 9:15 pm

    of course, you could have said “well at least I have a place to set my (coffe, tea, beer, etc.)” 😉