New britches

Back in December my friend Adam, who I do the OxPod with, made a crack about how when I get ready in the morning I throw on my “work jammies” and trot downstairs.

It’s funny because he’s right. A lot of the freelancer sites that I read say that pajamas are the scourge of productivity and that real professional freelancers get dressed every day. I call that bullshit. Why go through all that effort when you aren’t going to see another human being? Work jammies are where it’s at.

Since this is my first extended period of freelancing I didn’t have the proper wardrobe. Last week sometime I noticed my work jammies had developed holes and the cuffs were fraying. So I ordered up some new ones in a nice, professional shade of black and another pair in blue for casual Thursdays (I babysit the Tibbles on Fridays so I have to get dressed).

It was a good day at Supergenius HQ when the new work jammies arrived. But the good mood was tempered by the fact that the package didn’t mention the word tall anywhere. I always ordered the tall. Always, always, always.

Usually the talls are just right. I disregarded the lack of tall and hoped for the best as I doffed the holey jams and pulled on the new britches.

Holy Too Tall Jones, these are some long-ass pants. They’re so long it’s like I bought pants and got free socks. The pants go all the way to the ground and cover my entire foot. I didn’t know pants could do such a thing. I’m not even sure how to cope with such a development. I’ve tried the 80s tightroll, just for fun because I never go to do it before. And I tried just regular cuffing but they come unrolled a lot. Mostly I’m thinking of pinning some Swiffer dusters to the bottoms and cleaning the floors, because what else you gonna do?

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  1. nicole. 26.Feb.10 at 8:20 am

    This is what regular pants are to me. ALWAYS. With “outside world” pants, I have them tailored, with PJs – the kitchen scissors.

  2. david 04.Mar.10 at 1:31 pm

    Aw man, if I didn’t have to walk the dog I’d spend all day in PJ pants and a t-shirt.


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