one more day one more day

my “one more day” mantra continues.

the bossman stopped by early to talk about a meeting we were cancelling.

“are you trying to kill me so i can’t go on vacation,” i moaned.
“i can’t decide who’s gonna die first,” he said. “i thought for sure you’d kill us before we killed you.”

then chickenlittle came over.

“you promised you’d have thoughts for me today,” he said.
“i’m going on vacation, i don’t have time for thoughts,” i shouted.

then wondergeek sonja came over.

“i just listened to this thing that reminded me of you,” she said.
“what?” i said eager to talk about something that’s not work.
“i was listening to an old this american life and the girl she takes a summer writing class and she talks about being shiny and the guy handing her the can,” she said in a rush.
“yeah, i listened to that one.”
“i don’t know how anyone could listen to it and not think of you.”

and that, darling ones, is my day thus far.

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