maybe it’s not so bad after all

so, we went to the mall of hell today and actually it wasn’t so bad. i have come to the conclusion that women who shop at the mall of hell are about the worst dressers on the face of the planet. really, they are not conscious of their bodies at all. even the big girls were wearing the latest in skin-tight slutware. i was amazed and maybe even the littlest bit jealous. i don’t think i could walk around so unselfconsciously in such brazen hussyware.

we ate planet hollywood. it sucked rocks. the food wasn’t too bad. it wasn’t too great either. it was like perkins with a hollywood theme. blech. tonight we are off to see “the others.” i hope it’s super de duper scary. i know jena has seen it recently. but i skipped that entry because i heard the less you know the better. i cannot wait.

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  1. greg 26.Aug.01 at 11:05 am

    “it was like perkins with a hollywood theme.”

    that’s so true…

  2. Edge 26.Aug.01 at 11:50 am

    Planet Hollywood… I thought they were dead already. Oh well… I saw the one in California open; the very first one. Arnold, Demi, Bruce, Sylvester, and a host of other celebrities were all on hand. With them around, I don’t mind paying $8.99 for a marginal burger, but without being able to look up and see Demi or Arnold, forget it!!!


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