five years ago

Blech. It’s the fifth anniversary of alan’s death. you can read about it over at backwash if’n you want.

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  1. Edge 26.Aug.01 at 11:48 am

    This is odd; my friend Kate thought I had been dead for the last 7 years. She was trying to find me to contact me; we were best friends in HS. Well, she came across this story of an E.J. Hunyadi who was born in July (it turns out just a few days apart from me; how weird is THAT!!!) that died. She thought it was me! She wept, mourned, and would cry at the mention of me. Then, by chance, she saw my email address in a cc: field of another friend’s email, and found me in December of last year.

    We’ve been great friends again, picking up where we left off. It’s really cool, but for her, it was VERY freaky. She said that I am literally back from the dead as far as her mind is concerned because of the greiving and mourning that she’d been through.

    I’ve been on the other side, just like you, as well. I lost Jackie, Michelle, Gooch, Chris, and many others. Jackie was the closest; she was my first true love. As I read your account, it brought back to me that rainy day in August (too coincidental) when Clay came to my door, soaked and wet to the core. He had ran on foot the 1/4 mile to my house. He stood there… rain beating on him (the drama of it was not lost on me at the time, either), and said plainly, “Jackie’s dead.” My world turned upside down. I fell to the ground, knees shaking, sobbing.

    Two years later, her younger brother was in a class of mine. He remembered that I was his older sister’s girlfriend, and I remembered him as the punk kid that used to try to catch us making out on their front porch. He had a very hard time dealing with her death, and became a very bad kid. Oddly, we talked alot in class, but never mentioned Jackie. But while not mentioning her, we both knew the only reason that a Senior and a Freshman were talking as they were, was because of her.

    I passed by the cemetary where she is buried yesterday. I almost went in there with my daughter. I think I may do that today. I need to tell her some things…