last night i dreamt that

last night i dreamt that pete meyers (he was my very favorite poli. sci. prof in college) became one of my co-workers. not only did he work at my place of employment, but he sat right next to me. and when he started working, he took down all the cube walls, so it was like we were working at the same, large desk. i was very self-concious and my stupid computer kept turning into a game-boy. i was perplexed by the gameboyization of my compter and the techdoofs would just laugh at me, as if i could control the morphing. it was all very, very strange.

the other night i dreamt that i had a smoochieboy with a beard and i called him milo. his name wasn’t milo, but i liked to call him that because it sorta bugged him. in the dream we were smooching on a couch that was outside in the middle of nowhere. we were smooching and teasing each other and he showed me all the constellations in the sky.

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