Saying I love you is

Saying I love you is not the words I want to hear from you. Itís not that I want you not to say it but if you only knew how easy it would be to show me how you feel. More than words is all you have to do to make it real. . .

Last night one of my friends sent me this song. He was playing it on his guitar for me. It was so very sweet that even now I get a big doofy grin thinking about it. It amazes me that people can get to know me so well just by reading the crap I put up here on but thatís besides the point. I have another story to tell.

Ok, well the story is lost now. I am still burning from the flower/birthday joke that I so deserved. I still blush a little bit. Gah. I deserved that unlike anyone I know.

So sometime later I will tell you about more than words and gay tim. It will be great fun, I promise. Instead I will talk about what a weird day itís been.

Itís free-lunch Friday. We have that every other Friday. Itís the Friday after payday. Which is weird, why are they feeding us for free when everyone is flush with cash. They should do it the opposite Friday when everyone is panting for payday, but thatís beside the point.

Lunch today was an exec barbecue. Grilled hotdogs and brats, potato salad, enough cake to feed a small village. Itís fun, eating brats in the warehouse watching my co-workers play big and Allison kicking all their asses. I like standing outside in the warmish spring air under a gray spring sky talking about books and movies with the techdoofs. Sometimes you just got to enjoy the little slices of life you get. Today, Iíve had more than my fair share of slices and that should carry me through the bitter loneliness of Sunday night.

But so, Iíve had a lot of slices today. And at the same time I am immensely saddened because John over at further is giving up the ghost. I think any writer starts to get discouraged after awhile. John is a tough cookie. Heís managed to withstand my campaign of whininess and charm. Heís sticking to his guns, which I admire to a degree. But it pisses me off that heís giving up. Blech. He doesnít want any of my slices. I tried to give them to him, really I did.

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