first order of business, andrea

first order of business, andrea has a new superswank design for spring.

second order of business, i am a big, lazt slackerass. being as my morning of surfing and writing was much too taxing, i took a looonng nap. which stinks. this means i will be up until all sorts of crazy hours in the morning. what was i thinking? i am going to blame it on all this daylight-savings nonsense.

finally i think i will spend the rest of the afternoon playing with my cd-burner. i am a cd-burning fool. now i just have to find hapless victims to give them too. the problem is, i have mucho crappy taste in music and nobody ever likes anything i have. last night was the sweet nothings. tonight i think it will be the gospel according to st. paul. i am a dork, you needn’t worry about telling me. i am fully aware of that fact.

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