in the little blogvoices section,

in the little blogvoices section, josh has jogged my memory about the story i was gonna tell. yes, you can all breathe a collective sigh of relief. you must have been worried.

so, back to the little mermaid. it was in my “the idea of tolerance in western political thought class,” where i battled to defend ariel’s honor. see, the movie Aladin had just come out. burger king (which was located right on campus) had all these aladin cups. tracey brought one into class with jasmine on it. we started discussing the movie and what not. when she made the crack about jasmine being the best disney heroine ever. of course, i took the opportunity to point out that she was wrong, dead wrong. ariel was far superior to jasmine. tracey didn’t like that jasmine endangered her father for the love of a man. i didn’t like that jasmine was going to let her father dictate who she was gonna marry. it was great fun, this argument. which involved the professor, our classmates and an entire class hour. early everyone had dismissed the early heroines (cinderella, snow white. . .) they were all victims and not really fighters. but the new-fangled heroines, they had moxie. and we dug it. nobody seemed to plead belle’s (she’s from beauty and the beast) case. maybe because we couldn’t groove on the fact that she gave up her whole life to hang out with her dad.. . as much as we did love her penchant for chronic book reading. i can’t remember who won out. i just know it was a great conversation about hollywood, gender roles and cartoons. wahoo!

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