Yeah, so I got an

Yeah, so I got an e-mail from this guy a few weeks ago. Nothing major really. He was just telling me how he had visited the site and liked it. How he was thinking of using the same hosting company I use for and was wondering if I wouldn’t mind if he put me down as a reference. Of course being the happy friendly girl that I am, I said yes and asked him a bit about himself. Turns out he found me through this newsgroup I post to. Yeah, he’s 6’9″ tall. Wow! Not everyday that I find people taller than me. But more than that. The really strange thing is. . . he works for a software company in eden prairie. I work for a software company in eden prairie! Yeah. Odd huh? Well the thing is (and he’s probably reading this but I don’t care) he asked me if I’d be interested in going out to lunch. Gah! Of course I’d be interested. But. . . I am terrified. See, the thing is. I am not that cute. And it’s not just poor self-esteem that makes me say that. It’s being honest and realistic. Now I am so nervous I don’t know what to do.

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