So John wants to see

So John wants to see if he can get everyone (and I mean everyone in the whole wide world) to list their favorite bands from the past 10 years. See how their musical taste has progressed. I am sure mine will be sorely lacking because I am a musical lamer. But here goes (and please try not to laugh too terribly hard):
1990-1991: bel biv devoe, janet jackson, rem, the beatles, simon and garfunkel
1991-1993: pearl jam, bad religion, matthew sweet, liz phair, tori amos, sugar
1994-1995: the replacements, gear daddies, soul coughing, the jayhawks
1996-1997: ani difranco, mighty mighty bosstones, bob dylan
1998-2000: tom waits, elvis costello, woody guthrie, neutral milk hotel
2000-present: eliott smith, wilco, whiskey town/ryan adams, coldplay, jeff buckley.

ok, now you set up your list and shoot me an e-mail and Iíll throw a link on the site for you. Címon, it should prove interesting.

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