well, i redecorated a bit.

well, i redecorated a bit. all the links work. well, except the archives on book nerd, because there is nothing to archive yet. for the record: i did not draw the cute little redhead up there, she’s about 53x cuter than i am, an artist drew the caricature for backwash.com, a site that i write for. that’s how he pictured me to look after reading some of my writing. i *wish* i were that cute. also, nobody has e-mailed me in 24 hours. that bites. also, i have only had 4 hours of sleep because of the bad dreams. also, i had a popsicle and a few slices of hard salami for breakfast. also, my house is still a mess, but i got all day tomorrow to clean it. also, i might have a date for saturday night, but i am not gonna hold my breath. also, i really need to go take a nap and listen to lucinda williams. that will be all. have a good, safe and fun new year’s eve!

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