ook. i had bad dreams

ook. i had bad dreams last night. icky, terrible dreams about people i love dying. i just joted off an e-mail to my friend anderla. she’s one of the people i dreamt that had died. she had cancer and went off to a pier to die alone. she didn’t want anyone with her. i was at some house with her family and my family, waiting for news. when we got the news that she died, i freaked. i sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. it was strange though. anderla’s parents were my aunt rosie and my brother-in-law tony’s dad. somehow i managed to get the responsibility to call all of anderla’s friends. it was so terrible. i hate dreams about people dying.

somehow the dream morphed into my cousin alan dying. alan died 4 and 1/2 years ago. it was wretched nonetheless. what a rotten way to end the year. i really, really hate dreaming about people dying because in the past these dreams have come true.

yeah, you all probably think i am a nutcase now. but i have proof! when i was a freshman in college i had a vivid dream about tom parker dying in a car accident. tom parker was the orangey haired boy who say behind me in 8th grade band. he played the trombone. i wrote all about the dream in my journal. a few weeks later, i got a letter from my best friend jodi. in the letter she told me about tom partker dying in a car accident. really! i still have the stuff.

there were lots of other death dreams that came true. but that’s the only one i have proof of. ick. now i am afriad to go back to sleep. i need to think happy thoughts.

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  1. KOle 04.Dec.03 at 4:55 pm

    hey there jodi, i have bad dreams all the time. it’s not so much the people dying, it’s the way they die. movies like finding nemo gave me nightmares, and it was flash or colors and a sence of beinglost. things like bands like OTEP and crazy things don’t. e maiil me if you wanna talk some more.
    – KOle

  2. michelle 04.Jan.04 at 3:35 am

    hi my names michelle and i have dreams about people dying all the time i had one about my grandma and she died like 2 days later and i had a dream about my sister dying and we are super close and she was with some guy in a car and they crashed and i didnt know who the guy was and just recently she started dating a guy and it was the guy in my dream and the weird thing is is i had this dream like 2 years ago and i remember that she is 16 cause it happens only days after her b-day and right now she is 15 so if you ever wanna talk or if i ever need to talk to anyone i would like to talk to ya so if you could just e-mail me


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