heh. this mcsweeny’s article,Strange and

heh. this mcsweeny’s article,Strange and Obsessive Things I Did as a Kid, reminds me of some of the strange, obesessive things I did as a kid.

i too was obsessed with the encyclopedias and the tv guide. we had gobs of encyclopedias. three sets. i loved them all. in World Book encyclopedias, my favorites were the C and the D for the cats and the dogs. there were gobs and gobs of pictures. i was always trying to catergorize which breed our various mongrels and strays were.

this extensive breed knowledge came in handy when i was a senior in high school. the first time i went over to Nikki Clark’s house, i saw her dogs and shouted, “oh! those are shar peis.” a friendship was forged. she was amazed that i knew what those wrinkly dogs were actually called.

my t.v. guide obesession didn’t get as bad as Scott Hollifield’s though. i only memorized the schedule. i could spout off what was on and what the episode was about and whether or not it was a re-run. my mom was both amazed and frightened. this knowledge, has helped me in my adulthood though. i am an ace at them crosswords in the back of the t.v. guide. i always go to my parents’ house and fill them out in about 10 minutes. i am so smart!

i think my favorite obesession happened in 4th grade. i was reading some book and it mentioned the word ‘banished.’ oh, i fell in love. i thought that word was the best. i managed to work it into every other sentence i spoke for about a month. i even made a board game about being banished to witch mountain or cave or something. the drama queen in me pronounced it wrong. . . ban-i-shed. like it had three syllables. i often got ban-i-shed to my room for being so damn annoying with that word.

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