if us four sisters make

if us four sisters make it the next 7 days without killing each other, it really will be a miracle. i think this wedding will be the death of one of us. pray for me. hey, and while you’re praying. . . pray that if i do live to walk down that aisle that i don’t break my neck wearing them heels.

wearing high heels is a talent, i think, one i was not born with. being that i’ve been over 6 feet tall for over half of my life, i never really had the need/desire to wear high heels. then when we got those wretched long bridesmaid dresses, i was told they’d look better if i wore something with a heel. well, the shoes i got have 2-inch heels. i’ve not practiced at all. i am worried. very worried. anyone got any heel-walking tips? i could sure use them.

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