Supergenius battles the bed of doom

In honor of Labor Day, I had vowed to do as little labor as possible. Of course, Sister #4 totally rained on everyone’s parade by deciding that she simply had to put together the bed she went to Idaho to fetch last week.

Oh, let’s talk about the bed. This was a bed she bought last year before she moved to Idaho. It’s some sort of shitty, put it together yourself IKEA bed. I think the entire bedroom set she bought was around $500. However, after it was all said and done she paid something like $900 to have all the shit shipped to Idaho.

So we’re at $1400 for a shitty IKEA bedroom set. Right? You following?

Then when she drove back to Minnesota after living a mere 9 months in Idaho, she had to leave behind the bedroom junk because she couldn’t fit it all in her Saturn Vue. Oh yeah, and then of course, there’s the 1984 waterbed furniture that’s still taking up half of my garage. The furniture that she couldn’t afford to move to Idaho.

So yes, back to last week when she was driving back from Idaho picking up the IKEA bed she couldn’t live without. On the drive back she got lost coming out of Yellowstone, and ended up driving due west for three hours. Then when she was coming up through Iowa (she had ventured that far off track during her three hour adventure), the moonroof she had strapped the mattress to shattered. SHATTERED.

Yeah. All this for that shitty IKEA bed. A bed that now, grand total, has probably cost her $2500. I told her that shitty bed has suddenly become an heirloom and I hope her grandkids appreciate the fine Swedish quality.


So my plan to not labor was crushed when she decided that today was the day to haul all her crap into Sister #3’s house. Why does this effect me? Because that means I had to haul ass over there to go fetch the mattress that will grace my new bed. This is only annoying because she chose today, the day of rest to do this crap. She couldn’t have done it Friday night when we were all over there or last night when we were all over there.

No she waited until today, the day where we’re all sick of seeing each other, to make our crabby asses (poor Stink had to go put the crappy IKEA bed together because heaven fucking forbid she do anything for herself) haul her shit from the garage to her bedroom.

Gah. So much for my day of slack.

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  1. PeeWee 05.Sep.07 at 6:32 pm

    That is why it is called LABOR day. Sorry, not funny. When I moved cross country, I bought all new furniture, because it would have cost too much to move it out here.


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