the older sister

how come no one ever thinks about the older sister?

so i am watching “28 days.” it’s that movie with sandra bullock and she’s an alcoholic. it’s pretty good, i dug it. anyway, at one point in the movie her older sister comes to see her. you see, sandra and the sister, their mom was an alcoholic and died when they were pretty young. they were left parentless after her death (their dad had already died) and raised by a mean aunt helen.

sandra is in rehab for 28 days (hence the title of the movie). she has one emotional meeting with her older-sister that ends with sis walking out. a little later in the movie, sister comes to check on sandra. sandra is sitting there and sister goes on and on about how even though sandra was a pain the ass she should have looked out for her more and been a better sister and helped her even though sandra never asked. both sisters cry and what not.

i, of course, am sitting on the floor sobbing my eyes out– can’t catch my breath crying and nose running and just generally a mess. wow! that scene hit me. but not because of sandra’s character. that’s the character we’re supposed to feel sympathy for. NO! i was bawling on behalf of older-sister. the repsonsibility she had to shoulder. poor, poor older sister. i felt so bad for her. it’s just not fair. why is it always the older sister’s job to look after everyone and make sure everything is ok and everyone feels loved and has what they need? she’s just a little girl too who lost her parents. who is gonna look after the older sister?

when older sister is apologizing to sandra i just wanted to hug her, the older sister. it’s tough being the older one, god knows i can relate. nobody ever asks older sister if she needs help. nobody ever asks older sister how things are going. older sister always has to be the independent one and blaze the trail. but damnit, it’s scary sometimes. with or without parents. i don’t think older sisters get nearly the credit they deserve.

i just know during that whole scene (that parts that i could make out through my own incessant sobbing) that i just wanted to tell the older sister she did fine. that she did the best she could. because sometimes older sisters need to be asked if they need help too or if they are ok or if they are afraid. sometimes the older sister just gets tired of being tough and being thoughtful and making sure everyone and everything is ok.

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  2. AJ 29.Aug.03 at 8:55 am

    i’m a firstborn, only got a younger brother.
    it sucks, coz sometimes i need help and the only one left to help me is myself.
    always wanted a big sister for myself though.