i am restless today. have

i am restless today. have been all day. can’t concentrate on anything. i cleaned my apartment, but i am too lazy to take out the garbage. i’ve watched a bit of the olympics and think they anal u.s. track team needs to get a grip. c’mon they just won a gold medal, i think they have every right to get a little goofy.

i’ve somehow managed to drain clyde’s battery. blech. so now i have to call my dad or a brother-in-law to come jump start me in the a.m. i was supposed to do a lot of things today, but i had napping on the brain. i napped and dreamt about my co-workers and jeff johnson and billy joel. it was strange.

for some unfathomable reason i wish it was winter today. i am feeling pretty winter. sister #3’s wedding is in three weeks. i haven’t practiced walking in the heels nearly enough. i am sure i will break my neck. how do women do it? well, the women who wear heels. i am a woman, but the tallest heels i ever wore were the ones on doc martens. these wedding shoes have 2 2/3-inch heels. i don’t know if i can do it. i lurch around on them like some sort of football player in drag. grace is not my name. owen says it’s 1:03 a.m. and i don’t know what to do with myself anymore.

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