i am a big fat liar

i am a big fat liar.

yes, tonight i lied because it was so much easier than telling the truth. well, not easier but less humiliating. whilst scanning my groceries, the cublady said, “you must have kids, my kids love this stuff.” instead of saying no, i smiled and shook my head yes. i thought that’d be the end of the story. but NOOooOOOO.

“so how many kids do you have?”
“just one, a boy, he’s three.”
“oh, is he really tall?”
“yes, he’s going to be a tall boy.”
“is his dad tall too?”
“yes, he’s the same height i am.”
“how tall are you?”
“wow, did you play basketball?”
“will your son play basketball?”
“if he wants to.”

yes, i lied instead of telling her the pudding cups were mine. i lied because i didn’t want to tell her that i love corndogs, i’d rather have cap’n crunch than grapenuts, gimme teddy grahams over triscuits. i *heart* spaghettios.

i think the lie was pretty mild. i am sure cublady doesn’t know the difference. but i feel kinda dirty for telling such a whopper.

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