so i made it through

so i made it through the wedding shower in one piece. it was tough, but i managed. i don’t see how i can be related to so many people that i have nothing at all in common with. my aunt (prounounced awwnt, and not ant) therese asked me how i liked my new job. i’ve been at the “new” job for a year. nice.

i was also asked about 582 times when i was gonna get married. since i had already used the lesbian crack on them when sister #2 got married (i am a lesbian, i told my uncle, the law doesn’t recognize my marriage), i had no witty comeback. so i just sat sullenly in my chair and cursed them all quietly.

on the mooshy card i wrote my sister i made reference to the little women. we were always compared the the little women growing up. i am jo, ericka is meg, tracy is amy and kelli has to be beth, even though beth dies. poor kelli always has to be the leftover one. i guess that’s the bad part about being sister #4. the whole little women reference was lost on most of my family. they asked if it was some book or movie. i guess they’ve never heard of louisa may alcott. doh!

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