do you ever have one

do you ever have one of those days where you just can’t wake up?

that was me all day today. i still feel like i just rolled outta bed and it’s after 10 p.m. i feel like i spent all of last night smoking dope or something. i didn’t, but i have a serious case of the space cadets. i think that’s why pot never really did it for me. it just made me tired and stupid.

last night, i did something i had never, ever done before in my life. i watched the x-files. i am sure it was a re-run, but it was pretty damn interesting. about some weatherguy whose bottled-up emotions controlled the weather. ol’ mulder? the boy one, is it scully? anyway, ol’ david duchovny figured it out and once weatherguy confessed his love for victoria jackson, all was sunshine and rainbows. i think i might have to catch the x-file re-runs more often. i wish they’d put twin peaks re-runs back on the air. that show i loved.

see what i mean? total case of the stupids.

also, i have a confession. i don’t think i will finish infinte jest by the end of the month. i tried, i am reading it every night. but my eyes get so heavy and i just need to sleep. i am on page 238 or something like that. i don’t think i am gonna make it through the other 800 pages by sunday. i know, i know, i’ve let you all down. but i swear, as god is my witness, i will finish that book and never feel like a guilty poser again.

ok, i am going to bed. i feel dumber for having written this. my apologies.

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