top 10 things heard during

top 10 things heard during one hour trip to big lake:
“double-lou, x, y and z! now i know my ABCs next time won’t you sing with me?” (actually heard 13 times in a row)
“where we goin’?”
“cece wear wedding dress, a mommy wear wedding dress, a jodi wear wedding dress, a jaycie wear wedding dress, a daddy wear monkeysuit, a tony wear monkeysuit and buddy wear monkeysuit.”
“goatie i gared of monkeysuit.”
“knock, knock” “who’s there?” “dora!” “dora who?” “knock, knock”
“lello kitty go to jack’s birthday.”
“oh! we’re in canada.” (upon seeing the giant maple leaf on Maple Grove’s water tower)
“i gared of canada.”
“we go bowlin’.”
“i wear lello kitty underwear.”

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