the misc aisle

i think stores, like target, need a misc aisle. an aisle where you can find stuff that you aren’t quite sure where it’d be catergorized. this aisle would contain stuff like q-tips. ok i can’t think of anything else. so maybe they just need a q-tip aisle. because i always spend way too much time looking for q-tips. just like it takes me 32 minutes to find marshmallows when i am at the grocery store. maybe they should just have a q-tip/marshmallow aisle.

so now i’ve got “messy westerberg” hair. this was an accident. i did not ask haircuttergirly for messy westerberg hair. i just asked for something messy, because i don’t like to spend a lot of time doing my hair (hell, i am too lazy to search a store for q-tips. i’m certainly not gonna spend more than 3 minutes on my hair). so now i have this westerberg ala “14 songs” hair. the jury is still out on it. i am totally digging this natural color with copper highlights. but it’s a bit short for my tastes. i feel a bit butchy or something. it probably has a lot to do with the height. i don’t very often feel feminine.

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