Literary discussions with Max, age 9

Jaycie and Max spent the night last night because none of us wanted to get up before 7 a.m., and today is the last day that I’ll be babysitting them this summer. Sunday they leave for two weeks in Michigan followed by a week in South Dakota. And, hopefully, I’ll get a job.

They were, of course, super pumped to be spending the night at Supergenius HQ. We stayed up until 11:30 eating M&Ms and Popsicles! There was a lot of discussion about the Jonas Brothers and I had to pick a favorite ( I went with Kevin). I’ve come to the conclusion that picking a favorite Jo-Bro is like picking a favorite Duran.

As we were getting ready to head upstairs to bed, Jaycie asked if she could read for awhile before she turns out the lights.
“Hell yes,” I said. “I read every night before bed.”
“Me too,” she said.
“I didn’t bring a book,” Max said.
“Do you want one of mine?” I asked. “I have Peter Pan and Superfudge and . . . ”
He started shaking his head so hard his curls bounced. “No, that’s okay. I am taking a break from reading.”
“I’m reading a really bad book and I need a break.”
“What are you reading?”
The Hobbit,” he shook his head and closed his eyes. “It’s bad.”
“I KNOW!” I screeched. “It totally sucks.”
“It does!” He said, happy to find a comrade in hobbit-suckage. “My mom and dad said it was good.”
“They’re wrong,” I said.

Now we’re having an Austin Powers filmfest, because I’ve never seen them and according to Max that is just a crying shame. Once I watch them all he claims I will appreciate all his jokes about taking a dump and farting. Somehow I doubt that.

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