Conversations with my nephews or, I was so domestic today I could almost barf

Playing with Scissors

First with Liam, who is two:
“Ouch you are on my arm,” I said.
“There are two puppies,” he said, pointing to the TV that was playing Pound Puppy Adventures or something like that. “Two. He fell and hurt his hand. That’s a big shrragon.”
“Dragon?” I asked.
“Big dragon. Oh no he is going to eat the puppy. The big dragon will eat the puppy. Oh no, that’s a witch.”

Second a post-tibbles chat with Max via Googletalk:
Max: I’m a….
me: did you see my story about madison and the penguin?
Max: no
me: hrmph!
Max: why?
me: i read your report on bigfoot
Max: thanks
Max: o I did see that
me: thanks
My fav. penguin
me: cute!
Max: I know
me: i have to go tend to my chicken noodle soup
Max: okey ;(

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