Are You Breaking Up With Me?

Hi Darling Ones,

Monday during occupational therapy (OT), K, my therapist, ran me through a gamut of tests. They were the same tests she gave me when I started OT in July.

Remember that puzzle I couldn’t complete in three minutes and forty-seven seconds? I did it in 2:25.

I improved all my scores, except for the hand grip and finger pinch. Sadly, those are still just average for my age. Rude! I do not like to be average.

But I did better on the puzzles, on the maddening whack-a-molesque Dynaboard,, and even on typing. It’s almost as if this therapy stuff works.

With each test K, got more and more excited with my results. At the end she turned to me, unprompted and said, “A+.”

I was giddy, for about two seconds. Then she dropped the bomb.

“I think we should continue through October,” she said. “Then test again and wind down in November.”

“Are you breaking up with me?” I asked.

“If you plateau, there’s nothing more we can do,” she said. “You’re strong. Your Floppy Scoop can do everything. It’s just a matter of your brain realizing your right side isn’t heavy.”

HRMPH! I thought, but did not say.

Yes, both my therapists refer to my right arm as my Floppy Scoop. They are the best.

The looming end of OT has hit me in a way I did not expect. While it’s gonna be pretty rad to graduate, I’m not better yet.


Rationally, I know not all the things are going to get better at once in harmony. I know my physical therapy and my OT and my vision problems are all different issues. I know one getting better or as good as it can get does not cure me. I’m doesn’t mean I’m recovered.

But, boy oh boy, that is what I want it all to me. I want there to me one magical day where I can see and walk like I used to and where my Floppy Scoop doesn’t feel like it weighs a ton. I want the wooshiness inside my skull to be gone.

I want all this to happened at the exact same moment. Ideally it will happen tomorrow. I always love Thursdays.

So, K is gonna break up with me and I’ll graduate and I will still have recovering to do. The work never ends.

In other news, Wendell and I get to meet Sister #4’s six kittens tonight. Hopefully, one will be our new colleague at Supergenius HQ.

Averagely yours,

P.S. I’m still sending Thank You notes to GFM donors and anyone else who wants some old-fashioned mail. Send me your address ( Since I can’t walk without a walker or drive, you’re safe from me stalking you.

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  1. theluckynun 27.Sep.23 at 6:59 pm

    Having had to do PT and OT for an injury that ended up being permanent, there is somethimg about having that validation and non-pressured check-ins with professionals that is hard to get from friends and family, and having that very specific type of knowledgeable support go away can really suck. Longterm injuries can make people feel isolated, as it just freaking drags on. If any of that resonates, know you’re not alone. I hope you can continue to feel supported as you progress out of PT and OT. Still cheering you on from Kansas!


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