#BigBlizzardInMyBackYard Day 2

Dear Darling Ones,

My stomach hurts.

Today in #BigBlizzardInMyBackYard hijinks I made some Big Blizzard Bars (Corn chex, peanut butter, chocolate topping). After a failed nap, I decided to give a little taste while putting them away.

They are fucking delicious. So delicious I ate about seventeen tiny slivers of bar in about 55 seconds. Then, because I needed some balance in my life, I also shoveled down a handful of Doritos. And thus, a stomachache is born.

Currently, I am regretting everything. In my defense, multi-day weather events are nothing if not a holiday from regular life. That’s what I keep telling myself to justify a multitude of poor behavior.

For instance, this morning before getting out of bed I googled “How often does a human have to bathe?” Turns out I am well past the time when I should have last bathed.

I should have just showered this morning because the dream I was having when I woke up was about being annoyed because I couldn’t shower. i could shower because Sister #4 was hiding from my cousin Karen who kept ringing the door bell. And my dad was complaining about poor sleep but refused to let us give him a better bed.

Anyway, I’ll shower tomorrow. Probably.

Yesterday in #BigBlizzardInMyBackYard hijinks I made meatloaf and potatoes au gratin (because I had a bunch of half-and-half that was two days past due). I also fell down a capitalism hole and when I got out I discovered I was soon to be the not-entirely proud owner of:

  1. The new Jason Isbell record “Weathervanes” that is coming out right after my birthday.
  2. A bunch more Girl Scout cookies even though I have not finished the first batch I bought.
  3. Not one, but two (TWO!) Dolly Parton Funko Pops.

I say not-entirely-proud because I’m working on reigning in my conspicuous consumption. I’ve done a mediocre job so far. I pre-ordered a bunch of stuff, which doesn’t feel like buying things even though I know it is.

Unfortunately, that’s all the hijinkery I’ve managed thus far. Despite wanting a multi-day weather event to be a holiday from real life, real life does not always cooperate. I’ve got a big work deadline that is taking up a lot of my time.

I’m also working on a Greatest Hits According to Me about Matthew Sweet, which is taking up the rest of my time.


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