Planned Down Time

Hello Darling Ones,

At some point tomorrow, my web host is moving the server to a new place. They’re picking that machine up, buckling it into a booster seat, and carefully driving it to its new home where it will be lovingly placed in a bassinet. At least I think that’s what the email said. There were a lot of boring words in a tiny font and I noped out of that message fast.

They said my websites will be down for some amount of time tomorrow. Maybe in the night? I’m too invested in this bit to go back and read the entire email to give you factual information. Mostly I’m just using this as an excuse to write and complain about being busy. I’m really very busy with the work right now.

Back in January, in the midst of my COVID haze, I told a client I would do a presentation about websites for her organization of nonprofits. April seemed 800 years away back in January. Guess what? This week my ass has to cash the check my mouth wrote. For the first time in my career, I had to create a PowerPoint presentation that I will have to present myself. With my voice. And my words. I’ve created tons of presentations for clients, but it was never my ass on the line.

I’m a little nervous for the upcoming meetings (Wednesday evening and Saturday morning before 10 because I am a self-hating, self-saboteur apparently). So if you have any charm you can send me via vibes, I’d be most appreciative.

Thankfully, I have roughly 89 other things to do between now and the meetings. I’m not complaining, really, about having a lot of work. I need it, because taxes are due soon and your spinster needs some dollars (and she also needs a record-pre-ordering intervention).

So to review: the website might actually disappear from the Internet for some portion of time at some point tomorrow. I may or may not disappear from the Internet for some portion of the week. I need charm, dollars, and the strength of mind not to swear my ass off during those presentations.

Catch you later,

P.S. Who knows if I will disappear for the week? Blogging is one of my very favorite procrastination activities and something might happen that needs my opinion. I can’t predict the future.

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