And the Sky is a Hazy Shade of Trying to Kill Us

So, Darling Ones,

It’s clear to me now that many mistakes were made.

The mistakes began on Sunday when I decided to throw open the windows despite dire warnings about air quality. It didn’t look so bad out and the ass-tastic heat and humidity had finally broken. The weather was so nice I left the windows open all day and all night.

It took about four seconds after waking up to realize what a mistake that was. I woke up with my throat on fire, my sinuses trying to escape my face, and eyes so watery it’s been hard to focus all day. I felt like such total garbage I thought that maybe I had caught a cold. Like that’s a thing that can happen now, right?

For awhile I thought maybe I got the Delta, but like the cold, who would I have gotten that from? Because I am a monster, I haven’t been with people in like two weeks before yesterday’s family dinner.

There’s a joke that frequently runs around Minnesota when it gets really cold out about why we would live in a state where the air hurts our faces. I’m beginning to question myself about living in a place where the air quite literally makes me sick. At least I think it’s the air. What else could it be?

I was so miserable that during a Zoom this afternoon my colleague took one look at me, asked what was wrong, and then ran around her own house shutting all the windows.

My other mistake was the naps.

Because I’m a big, giant baby I took all the drugs in the house and took a nap at like 10:30 this morning. When that did nothing to alleviate my misery I took some more drugs and another at four this afternoon. Nothing worked until most of the misery subsided at about eight o’clock tonight. My throat still hurts, but I can live with that. It was the headache/sinuses that were doing me in.

What I won’t be able to live with is the inability to sleep tonight. As I type right now it’s 11:15 p.m., I’m four episodes into a Flintstones marathon, and there doesn’t seem to be any slumber on the horizon. I might try to go to bed and see if I can’t trick my body into thinking it’s time for sleep.

Hoping Mr. Sandman will bring me a dream,

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