New Notebooks & The Recurring Nightmare

Hello Darling Ones,

It only took me 49 years and roughly 18,273 (conservatively) notebooks to finally find the perfect notebook for me. It’s the Milko A5 Spiral-Bound. I get it with the kraft-paper hard cover and the dot grid. I love these notebooks so much.

They’re not too big, not too small, not too expensive, and they have a handy, dandy pocket in the back cover for random things (like a menu to the Dragon Cafe). Also, the covers are perfect for stickers. The paper inside is fantastic and makes even a shitty Bic pen feel like a very fine writing instrument. I love this notebook so hard that I only have a little bit of guilt about the crate of unused or barely used notebooks in my dining room. So many notebooks, so few things worth writing down.

I only tell you all this because I started a new notebook today and it’s the most exciting thing in my life. Now if you ever see me purchasing any other kind of notebook you can, and should, shame me mercilessly.

So, onto the recurring nightmare. I’m calling it recurring because I’ve had the same thematic nightmare two nights in a row. The nightmare involves a man trying to kidnap me, me screaming my head off, and nobody rescuing me.

The first night involved my entire family trying to get me to join a religious cult started by my cousin Nicole and her husband. I did not want to join the religious cult and men tried to drag me kicking and screaming into the cult compound.

The second night involved a man dressed up like an evil clown hiding in the backseat of the car I was driving. I’m not sure where he wanted to take me, but I kept punching him with one hand while driving and also screaming.

I’m vaguely pondering these nightmares and what they could mean. I’m also hoping for something sexy to inhabit my subconscious, for a change of pace.

If you never hear from me again, the evil clown won,

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