The COVID Diaries: Cry

Dear Darling Ones,

I have a shitty, throbbing headache brought on by a combination of dehydration and a salty dinner. I cried a whole bunch today — buckets and buckets of tears. Nothing catastrophic happened. It’s just I had a really rough night sleep and today’s my niece Jaycie’s 23rd birthday and I finished up watching the final season of “Schitt’s Creek.”

My emotions couldn’t take it. I cried thinking about Jaycie and how much I love her. She’s legit the coolest and kindest person I know. She’s gone through some serious shit the last few years, stories that are not mine to tell, but she’s still plugging away at life and thriving in the process. She’s smart, funny, and actual factual holds up the beauty myth beautiful. I wish you all could know her, because she’s that rad. Plus, she’s the inspiration behind the McChicken Challenge, which is something we tried to do last year but was ruined by a blizzard. This year isn’t looking so hot either because of the pandemic. But maybe 2021 will be the year we finally find out how many McChickens each of us could eat if we were really, really, hungry.

And “Schitt’s Creek?” I literally cried for the entire 22 or so minutes that was the second-to-last episode. I think the tears started about 2 minutes in and they did not stop.

In general, I’m kind of a crybaby. My mom says I’m “sensitive.” I cry a lot. I always have. Whenever any emotion gets too much for me it comes leaking out my eyes. Anger. Joy. Frustration. Fear. Tears. Tears. And some more tears. I’ve finally accepted that I’m this way and cry whenever the tears feel like flowing.

I’m fading fast here, Darling Ones. Like I said I slept like shit last night. It took forever to fall asleep and I couldn’t stay asleep, and when i did sleep I was plagued by weird angry sex dreams. Just a rough night all around.

Hitting the sheets early,

P.S. Tomorrow I’m gonna tell you all about the TikTok epiphany I had today but am too tired to type about now. How excited are you?

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