The story of a rocknapping

Rock Family

Jaycie made pet rocks for everyone. Mine is Spike, the orange rock on the right with the blue leash. She came with a nifty birth certificate listing her likes and dislikes. I loved her immediately and planned to spend a lot of quality time with her.

However a nefarious rocknapper had other plans for Spike.

Max rocknapped Spike while I was shoving potato salad into my gaping maw. Jaycie and I tried and tried to get Spike back, but every time we got near Max he threatened to fart on us. Eventually Max ran off to the lake with some of the other kids, and Jaycie and I kept an eye out for him.

On the look out

Eventually we grew tired of that and hatched our own evil plan. We posted wanted posters throughout the pavilion and waited for the criminal to be brought to us.


The reward proved to be a great motivator and eventually our young cousin Bryce brought Max to justice, though Max did put up a fight.


Spike and I plan on living happily ever after.

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