The COVID Diaries: To Destruction

I lost my first client today for COVID-related reasons. Lost might be a bit of reach. I’ve been paused. I suspect there is a lot of pausing in my future and I’m doing my best not to panic about it.

So instead of stress-blogging about my road to financial ruin I will tell you about a small, good thing.

Usually sometime during the weekend my best pal Wolfdogg will turn on his Twitch stream and play some songs for anyone who wants to watch. As my friend & fellow Westernerd EM said a few weeks go about watching him, “It makes my heart happy.”

I tend to know a lot of the songs by heart because Wolf and I have very similar musical tastes. Duh. We met on a Paul Westerberg message board back in like 2004. Do you remember that? I do. That fact makes Sister #2 laugh so hard she cries. It makes my niblings Jaycie & Max laugh and laugh whenever I tell the story because they hardly remember a time when the Wolfs weren’t like family.

One time I apologized to Max for really dropping the ball in the uncle department, but then he said he considers Wolf and Atom (BFK’s husband) kinda like uncles and then I felt better, because I brought both of those men into his life.

So as I was saying, Wolf’s and my musical tastes match up pretty closely. We have dragged each other through many musical crushes (remember when I was obsessed with The Kooks?). And one of those came back to me this weekend.

On Instagram I’ve been doing the 30-day music challenge because my niece asked me to (and then promptly abandoned the whole thing). One of the prompts last week was to post a song that makes you sad and I chose Dolorean’s “To Destruction.” That song just wrecks me. Still.

So this weekend when Wolf said on his Twitch stream that all those song challenges were making him revisit some forgotten favorites I did not expect “To Destruction” to pop out of his guitar. But it did, and it made me so happy that I cried.

It was a lovely, beautiful thing that happened and I’m glad I could share it with you.

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  1. Bonny Holder 16.Apr.20 at 9:48 am

    You will LOVE Kathy Valentine’s “All I Ever Wanted” book.


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