SotW: Breathe (2am)

Last week I read 90s Bitch: Media, Culture, and the Failed Promise of Gender Equality by Allison Yarrow. I kind of loved it and hated it in equal measure. I’ve been thinking about it every day since I started reading it and am still pondering what I want to say about it, because BOY DO I HAVE THINGS TO SAY. However, I haven’t gotten my thoughts in order yet.

Ever since finishing the book I’ve been addicted to this Lilith Fair playlist on Spotify. It is glorious and fun and sends me right back to the 90s (as I think of them). There’s so many one-hit wonders I had forgotten about and weird choices. They chose “Thank U” for Alanis Morissette when the obvious choice is “You Oughta Know.” And they chose “Why Can’t I?” for Liz Phair, which came out way after she was part of Lilith Fair.

Pedantic nerdery aside, the playlist is the one shining spot in this two-week-and-still-going shit show. And while I have been singing Trisha Yearwood’s “She’s in Love with the Boy” nonstop, I had to go with Anna Nalick’s “Breathe (2am)” for Song of the Week.

I chose it for two reasons.
1.) The line “winter just wasn’t my season.” Because, duh.
2.) The line “these words are my diary screaming out loud” which I think is the perfect lyric to describe this here blog.

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