SotW: I Think We’re Alone Now

I can never remember if it was this song my mom ruined or Phil Collins’ cover of “Groovy Kind of Love.” She ruined the song by knowing all the lyrics even though it was a totally hip new song and how on Earth could she know it? And would she stop already she was ruining it with her singing and being a mom and liking things I liked.

1987 must have been a great time for my mom.

Eventually she rather politely and without condescension explained to me that it was a cover of an old song from when she was a kid. She also added that the version she knew was much better than the shitty knockoff I was professing love for. Only she would have never said shitty knockoff.

Why am I talking about this one-hit wonder from the 80s? Because I’ve been watching and mostly enjoying “The Umbrella Academy” on Netflix, which is based on the graphic novel (which I read ten years ago). I say mostly enjoying because some of the violence is a little too graphic for me the faint of heart and also my brain is all “is that how it was in the book? I don’t remember that!” which is super annoying.

The music in the show is really great, and there is a scene in the first episode set to Tiffany’s “I Think We’re Alone Now” that is, well, great and totally sold me on watching the rest of the series. And thus, we have this week’s Song of the Week.

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