Day 198 of 200: The Worst Client

SPOILER: It’s me. I’m the worst client I have.

I say this having finally mostly completed the latest update to my portfolio site. Mostly completed, because there’s a lot I want to fix, but it’s completed enough to take down the maintenance screen that’s been up since. . . oh. . . the January 19th. Perfect is the enemy of done, right?

Why am I the worst client? I’m super picky, indecisive, impatient, and hate everything 12 minutes after I’ve done it. What also makes me the worst? I rarely update my portfolio. In my head I update it whenever things get slow. It’s part of the panic process, remember? But according to the stupid site I just finished, it hadn’t really been updated since 2015. Oh, remember how great 2015 was?

In other news, there is no other news. It snowed a ton of inches today and I had to cancel CSA Supperclub. I made pork ramen anyway, and now my stomach hurts because I ate too much pork. Also, I am super tired because apparently I have to wake up every morning at five a.m. to pee and then not fall back to sleep for like an hour. I’m not a fan of this nonsense.

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