Day 176 of 200: Blue (SotW)

I have been singing along to The Jayhawks’ “Blue” for going on 24 years now. I don’t know who introduced them to me, they just seem to have been always around.

It is only this week, when the only thing my ears want are all the songs on “Tomorrow the Green Grass,” that I realize I have no clue what this song is about.

Watching the video does not help matters in the least.

What is with the ladies and the big bucket of antifreeze? I don’t get it and it makes my head hurt if I scrutinize it too much.

Kind of like this beautiful song that I’ve been singing for nearly half my life and am really unsure what it even means. Why do you want someone who makes you blue to stay for awhile? What does showing the door have to do with the person coming back on their own?


Regardless, some of the words are lovely, especially the verse that starts with the line I pictured above. And at about 2:10 when they start singing like a round (I don’t know the proper terminology for this), I could just die from the beauty.

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