Crackpot Theory #73: You know you damage me, you leave me tangled in a knot — The Genesis of a Song

I’ve been listening to Of Montreal’s “The Party’s Crashing Us” on repeat today. I’m not sure why, but it’s working wonders at alleviating the exasperation I’m dealing with today.

It surprised me upon listen three that “The Party’s Crashing Us” has totally over come its genesis, which is usually not an easy thing to do.

See, some, but not all songs, have a genesis. You know those songs that come into your life at a very significant time, or from a significant person. When you hear a song and are instantly reminded of someone or something or sometime, that’s its genesis. The very begining of when the song began to mean something more to you.

Oftentimes a the genesis cannot be pinpointed until much much later in your relationship with the song. It might take months, even years. These geneses can be a positive, wonderful thing. However there negative ones too. We all have those songs, the songs that remind you of Him or that was your song.

With a lot of effort you can overcome a song’s genesis and reclaim it as your own. It took me a long, long time to reclaim Big Star’s “Thirteen” thanks to the Outlaw. But after years and years, I have made it mine again. The genesis, though still remembered, is not the first thing I think of when I hear the song.

However, I cannot listen to Tegan & Sara without wincing and thinking about a time in my life when I acted quite poorly and selfishly. I’m sure there will come a day when Tegan & Sara won’t make me flush crimson with humiliation, but that day isn’t anytime soon.

It surprised me when I realized I was having so much fun chair dancing to “The Party’s Crashing Us.” I got this song from a boy who was very special to me, one of those who just randomly disappeared from my life without so much as a ‘goodbye and good luck.’ For the longest time I would put this song on when I wanted to feel a very keen sense of pain and regret and woe-is-meness. It’s been a long time since I’ve even listened to the song. So you can imagine my total delight that it took me three complete listens to remember its genesis, a genesis that it has totally overcome.

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  1. Lori 05.Sep.06 at 10:16 pm

    It’s good to know those associations can be overcome. Maybe one day I will be able to stomach Beth Orton again. Her entire canon is inextricably linked to a boy, and I can’t bring myself to listen to a single song. I love how music has such definitive ties to events in our lives, even if it sucks sometimes. Books are the same for me. There are novels I dearly loved that I will never allow myself to read again for fear of dredging up whatever yuckiness I was mired in at the time of the initial reading.

  2. Lori 05.Sep.06 at 10:18 pm

    To wit:
    Went down to a central reservation
    In last night’s red dress
    And I can still smell you on my fingers
    And taste you on my breath
    I’m stepping through brilliant shades
    Of the color you bring
    This time, this time, this time
    Is fine just as it is
    (Yep, still makes my stomach lurch and my heart tighten – we shall overcome, though not quite yet!)

  3. kyle smith 28.Jan.07 at 1:19 pm

    Well, I would just like to say first that the reason i stubled apot your crackpot theory haha, was because i genuinly was moved by a song that seemed to be talking about my fealings toward my girlfriend. She rocks my world, everything about her makes me happy. Our age difference is a difficult obsticle because of our emotional maturities. She is about 3 years younger than me and im like her first steady boyfriend. She gave herself to me which i cant even begin to comprehend how deep i feel for her. The only problem that we have been having is very difficult to understand. I love being around her so much but she is still in high school while im going to college, so we dont get to see eachother everyday or sometimes once a week. Im beside myself with thoughts and what i could do to make her seek me out instead of me always going after her. I have alot of people around me that care alot so ive been told what im doing wrong and what i should do. im too clingy and thats a tough cookie to swallow.. Soo back to our songs.. Aqueous Transmission, and i miss you by Incubus. Ive listened to these songs hundreds of times and i know them by heart but just now i realized their genisis. The fact than im with this girl “is a gift that i couldnt think could be real” i blew her off the first time i met her because i thought her too imature. which was irronicly imature of me. after a month of me “fake hating her” i realized that i couldnt stop thinking about her even when i was with other girls. It took everything in my being to convince her to date me again but it happened and now im undoubtedly happier than ive been in a long time. One thing about us that really amazes me is the coincidenses that happen almost on a daily basis. I would be thinking of her and she would call me not even half a second in my thought. or how we planed months ago to go see incubus together with all our friends.. Tomorrow im going to see them and 3am after the concert shes leaving for 2 weeks on a vacation to florida. In the song Aqueous Transmission, i find myself lost in emotion which has never happend to me before with this song. Im going to miss her so much and this song just touches my heart, my essense, even soul. The last thing i ever want to do is push her away and i realized because of your article that this song defines whats going to happen and what im doing right now. This song, this artist, everything seems to be destined to happen. the stars are alighed so to say. Im worried that if i tell her how much this song meens to me that she might not like it. Shes not a very emotional person and im very emotional. What should i do, should i tell her about this song or should i just give a sudtle hint or just let her think what she wants about it? How do i go about making a bridge from me to this song to her? I know this comment was very long and random but im need some addvise from a third party. Any help with this would be awsome.

    Incubus+listen+high emotions=Genisis


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