Day 127 of 200: ¿Quiero o Necesito?

Roughly 63 days ago I decided I needed to learn some Spanish. I know it was 63 days ago because it’s been 35 days since I was devastated by losing my 27-day streak. Math!

I took a semester of Spanish in 8th grade and never looked back. Watching every episode of “Jane the Virgin” hasn’t done as much for me as I’d hoped. Also, 64 for days ago there were a bunch of men roofing the house across the street and they were having very dramatic and hilarious conversations in Spanish for two days. I was more than a little pissed off that I was too ignorant in Spanish to understand anything other than hermano and tio. I really love to eavesdrop.

Practicing a bit of Spanish every day is the thing that keeps me from feeling like a total garbage person who just sits on the couch watching TV while her soul atrophies and she waits for death to come-a-knockin’.

My favorite words so far are bebo, naranja, and azucar. My least favorite words are quiero and necesito because even though they don’t look anything alike, I mix them up roughly 50% of the time. Even in Spanish I struggle with want vs need.

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