Day 106 of 200: Uff Da

How about that Minnesota election, huh? Democrats had a nice night here in the land of sky blue waters. I’m especially thrilled that Angie Craig is my US Representative replacing Garbage Pile Jason Lewis. My friends and family are super happy because they no longer have to listen to me bitch about what a garbage pile he is.

I wish I had the emotional and mental capacity to talk more about the election, specifically the fuckery of white women continuing to uphold white supremacist patriarchal bullshit. Ladies, we need to get our house in order. For real.

However, I was up way too late watching the Wisconsin governor’s race and very, super, rudely awakened by not one, but two phone calls (that I did not answer) from the high school because apparently my wonderful nephew, Cade, accidentally wore two different shoes to school and this was such an emergency that they needed to call me at SEVEN FUCKING THIRTY IN THE GODDAMN MORNING.

Obviously, I was not happy about this nonsense. Thankfully, my sister said I never need to go fetch a matching shoe for her kids ever. Sadly, I was awake for the day and now I’m fucking tired.

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