Day 105 of 200: On Tenterhooks

Today I was voter 307 at my polling place. I voted around 1ish like I have for the past ten years. In the primaries this summer I think I was voter 34. The past two times I voted before today I was outnumbered by voting judges like 7 to 1. Today when I voted every single booth was filled, a lot of them by people of color.

When I made it back to Ruby, after I took the obligatory sticker selfie, I promptly burst into tears. The past two years have been exhausting to say the least. The past few months have been extra exhausting. And yet I was still moved to tears by the democratic process. For the first time I felt a small bubble of hope, which my body didn’t know how to process after so much despair.

As I type there are already a lot of small victories to celebrate — both my senators will remain Democrats as will the Governor. My friend Wendy won her city council race, and it looks like my state Rep will be a Dem. It’s too close to call for my US Rep but at least Garbage Pile Lewis is behind right now. But still, hope.

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