Day 103 of 200: Scenes from a Weekend

Me: sits down on couch after going to the bathroom.
Walter & Sully: stand in front of me tails wagging awaiting food.
Me: “Stop it, ya bastards. You don’t get to eat every single time I stand up.”

Me, 30 minutes later, makes an extra hot dog so Walter and Sully can split one of their own and not eat any of mine.

Scene: I’m making a ridiculous and so-not-worth-the-effort no-knead, slow-rise garlic and cheddar bread that involves preheating my Dutch oven in a 450 degree oven. Also, you should know, my smoke detectors lose their shit whenever I open the oven door and it’s set to anything higher than 400.

Me: opens oven door and the smoke detector starts to shriek.
Sully: loses his shit and runs barking upstairs, comes down stairs, runs back up, and comes back down.
Me: shuts the oven door and then waves an oven mitt at smoke detector to get it to stop. I come out into the living room to find that in his panic Sully has brought down a pair of dirty underpants and one sock. NOTE: these are not the same underpants and sock that he has added to his blanket nest in my bedroom.

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