Day 22 of 200: Obsessed with Baby Teeth

I’ve spent the last 36 hours reading, thinking about, or thinking about reading Baby Teeth a compact, claustrophobic horror show of a novel by Zoje Stage. It was SO GOOD!

Stage’s book grabs you by throat from the start and doesn’t let go. It starts with seven-year-old Hanna and her mom, Suzette, at the doctor’s office. They’re trying to figure out why Hanna who can read, write, do math, has never spoken a word. Hanna’s on-going silence puzzles her parents and brings much tension into their house. Hanna’s ever more dangerous shenanigans don’t help matters.

The book goes back and forth from Hanna’s childlike point of view to Suzette’s adult one, and it’s so damn much fun to read.

I love books that start fast, stay fast, and give me so much anxiety my shoulders are next to my ears and I can’t tear myself away. The last time I was this enthralled by a novel was Bad Marie by Marcy Dermansky way back in 2010.

I’m not sure if the story here would hold up to too much scrutiny, and I don’t are! What I do know is that it’s wonderfully written and fabulously paced. More books like this one please!

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